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Release 0.1.0


  • This blog!

  • Versioned releases

  • A new matrix space

  • A new name

  • A(nother) new UI

Blog and versioned releases

In the past year, we have made lots of changes. We have talked about using a blog to communicate when major things change and also having releases as part of that.


We want to foster a growing community around jupyenv but there is not a space for users to directly communicate with each other and us. So we have created a new Matrix space.


We have changed the project name to jupyenv. Along with that is the new site,


We made changes to the UI when we switched the primary branch to main in October 2022. That brought consistency and ease to configuring and maintaining the kernels. We are making another change to further improve the UX of jupyenv. As of this release, there will be a new NixOS module system for configuring JupyterLab and all the kernels.